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Herd Immunity & Alleged Whistleblowers
nynaeve_sedai wrote in pro_vax
In case anyone is wondering, I'm still lurking on LJ, just not posting as much because of life. However, there have been a few big news "events" in the last while, namely the supposed "whistleblower" controversy that, for the moment, the vaccine deniers are hailing as their Holy Grail (except they don't really understand what happened).

Here's some light reading:

Herd Immunity
Here's Some Basics on Herd Immunity (with ZOMBIES) - In comic form, this is a very fun and easy way to explain herd immunity. There's additional links at the end and some commentary too. But c'mon, zombies ;)

CDC Whistleblower
CDC Whistleblower Breaks Silence - Harpocrates Speaks is a great blog and this post is no exception. There's a fantastic breakdown of exactly what happened and why the anti-vaccine movement is once again behaving in a manner that is clearly out of touch with the facts.
Did a High Ranking Whistleblower Really...? - SBM is another great go-to as well (of course, I enjoy the snark).
Wakefield Betrays Whistleblower with Hooker's Help - A lbrb article discussing the motivations of Wakefraud... I mean Wakefield.

If there's a topic you want to know more about, let me know!!


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