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nynaeve_sedai wrote in pro_vax
I'm on hiatus, but on one earlier post I included a link to a post on Facebook about a child of 70s health nuts who had decided to vaccinate after contracting a number of vaccine preventable illnesses. I was wary on posting it because I didn't know who's story it was... well I am wary no more! Voices for Vaccines got a hold of Amy and posted her story on their site (with citations to her claims, no less). If you have some friends who are super crunchy (or maybe you're super crunchy AND vaccinate), this is a *great* piece to share.

Growing Up Unvaccinated (new title)

"I am the 70s child of a health nut. I wasn’t vaccinated. I was brought up on an incredibly healthy diet: no sugar til I was one, breastfed for over a year, organic homegrown vegetables, raw milk, no MSG, no additives, no aspartame. My mother used homeopathy, aromatherapy, osteopathy, we took daily supplements of vitamin C, echinacea, cod liver oil. I had an outdoor lifestyle; I grew up next to a farm, walked everywhere, did sports and danced twice a week, drank plenty of water. I wasn’t even allowed pop; even my fresh juice was watered down to protect my teeth, and I would’ve killed for white, shop-bought bread in my lunch box once in a while and biscuits instead of fruit like all the other kids. We only ate (organic local) meat maybe once or twice a week and my mother and father cooked everything from scratch – I have yet to taste a Findus crispy pancake and oven chips were reserved for those nights when mum and dad had friends over and we got a “treat.”

As healthy as my lifestyle seemed, I contracted measles, mumps, rubella, a type of viral meningitis, scarlatina, whooping cough, yearly tonsillitis, and chickenpox. In my twenties I got precancerous HPV and spent 6 months of my life wondering how I was going to tell my two children under the age of 7 that mummy might have cancer before it was safely removed."

(Go to the site to read the rest!)

I'll be updating the link as well on that previous post :)

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Thanks for posting this! It was a great read.

I agree that it is well-written and interesting and important. The only part that seems confusing is the mention of having the meningitis, chickenpox, and HPV. At her age, weren't those vaccines generally n/a when she was a child? (I know there was a very rarely used meningitis one)

Not that she shouldn't have mentioned that they are available! But she could have made her pro-vax point MORE by saying that now that they are available, she could be helped even more these days. But as it stands, it just puts her parents in an even worse light (although it sounds like she's got an okay relationship with them) while missing the opportunity to stress that.

Yeah, I think her goal was to point out that she had the diseases, so she can attest first hand as to their damage, why the crap are you vaccinating because vaccines exist! Yay! But I can see how it would be unclear. It was originally just a general FB rant that's been cleaned up, so that might be why some of it is unclear (I know one of the ladies that runs VfV did some editing).

Yeah, that's what I figured too, but it is indeed confusing especially as it would have even more impact separating it or with more clarification. But if that is the case (rant vs article) it makes more sense, and actually makes me more impressed with overall style/readability of the rest of it if it was originally a quick one off. If it is undergoing revisions, perhaps they'll eventually touch on that, too.

If you contact VfV, she'll probably take a look at it. I know earlier there was confusion because someone asked if there was a vaccine for tonsillitis. She went back and added "some of these are vaccine preventable" just to clarify that not all listed had vaccines.

The original had a lot more swearing LOL :)

This is such a great story. I shared it a little while ago on FB because, alas, I have some friends/acquaintances that are anti-vax nuts.

It never ceases to amaze me that they seem to think vaccinations are going to poison their children with toxins (thanks, NaturalNews/Mercola/etc. for your propaganda), and their children will never catch or somehow amazingly naturally be immune to disease because they use homeopathy/naturopathy/voodoo/take 9000UI of vitamin D/use witchhazel and doTerra oils daily. I want to say to them - although I never will - that I hope their kid catches a preventable disease so they might finally grow some common sense.

It baffles me too. I didn't consider myself "pro-vax" until this last year when I saw real harm being done. I've always vaccinated, but now I feel like I have to speak out and encourage other people to keep making the *right* choice.

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