Because vaccination is a community effort

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Speak Up, Be Heard
nynaeve_sedai wrote in pro_vax
Did you know that 90% of parents vaccinate?

One of the toughest parts of mobilizing parents - or anyone - is that people take for granted that vaccinating is the norm. And you know what, that's fantastic! We want vaccinating to be the norm. The problem, though, is that when legislation comes up to make laws tighter, to protect everyone better, the small, fringe, anti-vaccine groups scream loudly.

In other words, being a vaccinating and vaccinated human being is a silent majority.

What can you do? The beauty of the modern age is that this is actually an area where you, at your computer, can do something whether it's writing local politicians or just speaking out and being heard on the internet (yeah, pamphlets don't do a thing but apparently internet comments do which is kind of a shocker).

Here are some fantastic online communities that I hope you'll go "like" and that you'll share with your friends:

Voices for Vaccines - I know Karen personally and she is one fantastic lady. VfV is one of the organizations that got me thinking and moving!
Vaccine Information Awareness - This group let's anyone talk who can support their position with science. Anti-vaccine people hang out there but they don't get very far since, well, no science. The moderators are all pro-vaccine and they're pretty patient. Of course, they can always have more pro-vaccine people. It's also just a great place to get info - check out their dedicated threads.
The Vaccine Page - a new and awesome page that takes questions and answers them in a gentle, non-snarky way.

From there, these pages will guide you to more, but these are a great place to start :)


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