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Science, It's Cool! (A Round Up!)
nynaeve_sedai wrote in pro_vax
Science, It's Cool
Mayo Clinic trial: Massive blast of measles vaccine wipes out cancer - Every now and again I come across something just flat out mind-boggling in science. It'll be fascinating to see what happens in the actual studies.
Ear infections down, thanks to vaccine - Thanks PCV-13!

General Pro-Vax
Leaving the Anti-Vaccine Movement - A crunchy mama talks about how and why she realized that vaccines were important and the backlash she got when she decided to start vaccinating.

General Anti-Vax
Playing Newborn Intracranial Roulette: Parental Refusal of Vitamin K Injection - This is a disturbing trend in anti-vaccine circles. Several infants in Tennessee ended up with brain damage because their parents refused the Vit. K shot at birth.
Antivax 101: Tactics and Tropes of the Antivaccine Movement - Just a helpful run down of certain phrases you'll hear that are really indicators of the anti-vaccine movement.

Vaccines & Safety
50 Years after Thalidomide: Why regulation matters - Sometimes in conversations with vaccine deniers, someone will throw out the thalidomide debacle. They usually don't realize the FDA never approved the drug for use in the US during pregnancy (and only later approved it for other uses after clear studies had been done). It's an informative read.
Journey of Your Child's Vaccine - An infographic from the CDC.
MMR/Measles Vaccine - A helpful round up of some of the major studies surrounding this vaccine.

Vaccine Ingredients
Human Cell Strains in Vaccine Development - You'll hear the cry of "aborted fetal tissue" being in vaccines which is a misrepresentation of the facts. Here's a helpful guide that explains it. (If you have a friend who is pro-life, this is a helpful article which is a response from the Vatican - I myself am Protestant but I thought it well reasoned)

Notes From the Field (CA, CDC) - These are the notes for 2014 for the measles cases in the US. You'll note that a majority were either unvaccinated or under-vaccinated.

I'll leave you with this video made by a member of a pro-vaccine Facebook group. It's worth your time and your sharing.


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