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Yes, You Can Make a Difference
nynaeve_sedai wrote in pro_vax

Some of you may have heard that Chili's was originally planning on supporting the National Autism Association. The NAA not only has terrible financials, but also promotes the dangerous pseudo-science that states that vaccines cause autism. In response, many vaccine advocates (myself included), reached out to Chili's. Within 48 hours, Chili's had reversed their decision to donate to the NAA and at last mention were going to look into finding an autism organization they could support (in my contact, I listed several excellent organizations).

In Minnesota, last year, when the state wanted to revise the vaccine schedule, vaccine deniers from all over the world wrote in to challenge the schedule change (which didn't even affect them). The change happened and Minnesota's schedule was brought up to date.

Now we have a new battle to fight. In Colorado, the state house passed a bill that will make it harder to opt out of vaccinations. People may still do it, but now they will have to sign a form every year and they will have to either speak with a healthcare professional or do an online module educating them on the facts with vaccines. While this won't sway the most hardcore, there is evidence out there that some people opt out simply because it's easiest. Oregon has already passed a bill like this. In states where it's harder to opt out, vaccination rates tend to be higher.

So what does that mean for you? Please, even if you're not a Colorado resident, take the time to write the state senate as they consider this bill (I was told to just BCC all of them as I'm not in CO). If you're in Colorado, contact your direct senator, and know that you carry far more weight than any of us. The NVIC is fighting this hard. Share this on your FB, Twitter, LJ, wherever feeds and get the word out. Here's the info to share: ACTION ALERT. It includes a sample letter.

This is for all of our safety. Let science and sanity once again rule the day.

Here are the e-mail addresses for the state senators:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


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